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Jeffry Mills, founder of Twilight Design, started his lighting career working in the theater in New York City.  The experience of lighting plays drove home to him the important role played by lighting in setting mood, defining space, directing the eye and creating the desired unifying aesthetic ambiance.  He also learned that all of this had to be done while addressing the basic practical tasks required of the lighting and using techniques that would not distract the eye.  This experience serves as the core of all the design work Twilight Design brings to the world of special event lighting, where he and his team work with brides and event planners to help them create beautiful environments that are a good fit to the event setting.



Twilight Design has been in operation since 1993, bringing this design approach to weddings, auctions, fundraisers, corporate and destination events throughout Napa, Sonoma and Marin counties.  While we do provide some draping and fabric canopy services as well as small sound systems, our primary emphasis is on event lighting.  This reflects our feeling that lighting is the basic element that holds an event together and allows us to really focus on that element.  Please visit our Gallery to view examples of our work, the array of lighting fixtures available and especially our inventory of custom fixtures that we have designed to augment event settings in unique ways.

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